Body Contouring

Chin Reduction $70
Arms Reduction $120
Stomach Reduction $160
Back/Love Handles Reduction $140
Thighs Reduction $140
Butt Enhancement (1 area) $70
Butt Enhancement (2 areas) $95
Butt Enhancement (3 areas) $120
Upper Body Package (stomach & back) $280
Lower Body Package (thighs & butt) $210
What's body contouring?
Body contouring is what will help you reach your body goal faster. It is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment that promotes stubborn fat cells reduction. This treatment also helps regenerate collagen in your skin. It promotes elasticity, tighten and lifts your skin. 
How it works?
First, cavitation. The ultrasound cavitation handle emits vibrations of low frequency sound waves to create heat and break down fat cells and cellulite into a liquid state that will work its way to your lymphatic system. 
For the next step, we use polar handles. Polar handles are used to transmit heat/energy by entering your fat tissues and dissolve stubborn fat cells. Polar handles are what contract collagen. 
Then, we use lipo lasers pads. These will break down fat cells within the subcutaneous fat layer (deeper level of fat).
This last step can be use for certain parts only (chin, stomach and arms). We use cupping method to drag the now liquid fat cells and cellulite towards your lymphatic drainage system. So you can sweat or pee it out.